Specialty Financing

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As an independent broker, we are not bound by a particular product or lending institution like a bank.

Special projects often require a specialized solution. Our Specialty options offer unique ways you can finance your next project or get capital to fund your existing business. When other options are no longer on the table, a Specialty Product may be the best solution to move forward.

Merchant Financing

Get Cash Now to Go to the Next Level

Many small businesses seeking capital through a commercial loan would be well-advised to consider Merchant Financing. As the name implies, Merchant financing is designed to help merchants, shop owners, and small businesses secure working capital in the broadest sense. Merchant financing can also refer to the common term, Merchant Cash Advances (MCA), which is, in simplest terms, any financing that collects repayment (plus interest) automatically through a business’s credit card processing system.

Advantages of Merchant Financing

  • Provides short-term cash flow (for a variety of needs)
  • Prevents turning away work because of lack of capital
  • Helps ensure proper inventory is secured
  • Gives you the cash you need regardless of credit standing
  • No set re-payment amount (fluctuates based on profitability)

Key Takeaways

  • Short repayment period
  • High annual percentage rates
  • Could end up paying back much more capital than you secured
  • Often a last-resort financing option which could backfire

Fix and Flip Financing

Up-fit, Restore, Overhaul

Fix and Flip financing is designed to provide the necessary financing for individuals and small businesses interested in up-fitting, restoring, or overhauling commercial structures making them attractive brick-and-mortar options for future business tenants. Securing the right fix and flip loan “to get the job done” can create a successful stream of revenue.

Advantages of Fix and Flip

  • Potential for big returns if done right
  • Potential for steady cash-flow from finished commercial property
  • Establishes immediate equity
  • Less competition for suitable distressed properties
  • Flexible repayment terms can be negotiated

Key Takeaways

  • Lots of time, stress, and effort involved to see a return
  • Multiple moving parts involved to ensure success
  • Unanticipated added expenses can be crippling
  • Out-of-pocket costs can escalate quickly
  • If project drags because of weather or labor issues, repayment is still due